What is I& RS?
     I&RS is a confidential student assistance program where school staff or parents can request assistance for problems encountered in the regular education program.  Every New Jersey school must have an I&RS team which uses a collaborative approach to help students who are having academic, behavior, attendance or health difficulties. 
Who qualifies for I& RS?
     Any regular education student qualifies for I&RS.  Special Education students who are classified with an IEP receive assistance from the Child Study Team. 
Who serves on the I& RS team?
Robert Thompson (High School Social Studies Teacher)
Vincent Bonnano (High School Math Teacher)
Lynette DiLuzio (Speech-Language Pathologist)
Lisa Muniz/Christina Grundlock  (Child Study Team Members)
Veronica Manlove (School Nurse) ad hoc member (504 only)
School Counselors
 How does a student receive assistance?
-     Staff members can make a request by completing the pink I&RS Request for Assistance form which can be found in the counseling or main office.
-     Parents can request assistance by contacting Mr.Galeitta, Supervisor of  School Counseling at 856-779-2880 x1216.
504 Information